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Welcome to a world of LED-lights

It's a bright world and we know how to keep it that way.

Brightness from high above

Illuminate your warehouse, stable, factory or grocery store with our Highbay Stealth HB series.

Lights for aggressive environments

Our PLS series is specifically designed to withstand chemicals, dust, dirt, water and acids. Perfect for industrial facilities, agriculture, factories, and cleanrooms.

Aligned with Edison

After Edison invented the lightbulb, the biggest disruption to our industry was when it was banned. Follow us as we lead the shift from glowing wires to LED.

News from Meltron

The latest news from Meltron and the LED market.

about us

More than 25 years of R&D experience

We have developed our own technology within three crucial areas of LED lighting. With this technology, we stay way ahead of our competition.

  • Lens optics
  • Power devices
  • Thermal and cooling

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