Lighting solutions for professional use

As an innovative LED lighting manufacturer in the Nordic area, Meltron manufactures highly reliable luminaries that provide safety for the toughest places on the planet.

Our vision is to protect people and property, through our unique lighting solutions, by improving visual perception, safety, and security in the most demanding human environments.

More than just light means providing reliable and efficient lighting exactly where it is needed.

Our products achieve this through our patented optics, and our considerable experience in the research and Development of LED Lighting Technology. As a result, our customers feel safe in the knowledge that they will get lighting that will operate in the toughest and most challenging environments.


News from Meltron

More than 25 years of R&D experience

We have developed our own technology within three crucial areas of LED lighting. We use our technology to make sure that we stay ahead of our competition.

  • Lens optics
  • Power devices
  • Thermal and cooling

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