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Meltron has been involved in the lighting industry since the 1980s, and has close to 20 years of experience in conducting R&D in LED lighting.

Energy efficiency

Meltron has developed a proprietary system for its lighting range, which increases efficiency and optimizes every component of the lighting.


Meltron is growing, and remains at the cutting edge of lighting, particularly with LED technology. Ahead of its time. The company of the future with sustainable solutions!

The highest quality of adapted illumination is crucial to increase security and wellbeing at industry work stations, construction sites and other demanding environments.

Research shows that properly lit work stations and sites have less accidents and that good illumination increases work performance and reduces illness related absences.

Light has a great impact on both production and well-being in animal stables.

Meltron dairy light lowers the level of melatonin. This increases the level of prolactin and growth hormone which increases milk production up to 10 % and meat production by 12-14 % in 24 months

ledror for the industry

LED luminaire PLS - Sealed lighting system

Our sealed linear LED PLS luminaire is specifically designed to withstand aggressive environments where chemicals, dust, dirt, water or corrosive substances may be present, which require the use of special lighting. Suitable for clinical facilities, hospitals, research facilities, and sensitive environments.


Modular Highbay LED lighting

The Highbay luminaire's optics are designed to provide optimal lighting at different ceiling heights. Available with 150 W appendage modules. For high bay warehouses, riding stables, factories, industries, supermarkets with high ceilings - Highbay Stealth HB.  


The greatest paradigm shift in history

The biggest thing that happened since Edison’s invention of the light bulb was that it was banned. Join us on the new journey, the greatest paradigm shift in history for an individual product. From the tungsten filament bulb to the light emitting diode.

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Meltron's LED luminaire range

Meltron LEDs

Meltron has more than four decades of experience in research and development of lighting, and over 20 years of experience in LED R&D.

We have developed and applied this experience to three essential technology areas:
-Lens optics
-Driver technology
-Cooling technology


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About Meltron
projekt and assignments


Completed , projects using Meltron’s unique solutions to customers’ lighting challenges. We take on all kinds of projects.
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Share performance

Follow the Meltron share performance in real-time. Meltron AB is a public company and has been listed on the NGM Nordic MTF exchange since July 2016. This page is updated continuously.
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Björn Naumburg - CCO, talks about Meltron's core values. Watch Meltron AB’s CEO, Ville Sistonen, and staff talk about various lighting topics.
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