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We are the market leader in lens optics and driver technology with our innovative LED lighting.

Meltron MRSLS streetlight

Road lighting MRSLS active lighting control energy-efficient lighting.

Current standard solutions for road lighting are out of step with modern technological opportunities. Meltron has developed a unique solution for efficient lighting of roads and streets. MRSLS is a system which employs nano-diffractive lens optics, in combination with LED technology, to improve efficiency and safety on our roads.

• Diffractive nano-optics
• Real-time conditions


Street lighting MRSLS-Road II lighting with smart lighting control

With individual control of four separate lighting units. Prepared for use with surveillance cameras and sensors. A superior universal design for all streets and roads.

• Individual 4-channel controller
• Real-time conditions

LED tubes Meltron

Linear ATEX Rated LED luminaire
Explosion-proof- Mines, refineries, sensitive environments

Meltron's EX system provides maximum safety for workers in the most challenging industrial environments, such as oil refineries, mining industries and other industries requiring the highest standards of safety and security.

• Ingress protection rating IP66

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Linear LED luminaire - PLS
Industrial applications.

Meltron’s PLS is a luminaire designed specifically with rugged environments in mind, where chemicals, dust, dirt, moisture, water and corrosive substances may be present,where there are no requirements to withstand explosions.

• Optimal light
• IP67 rated


Driver system

Highbay Stealth HB Industrial lighting, for manufacturing facilities, warehouses, large department stores, factories, and sports facilities

Revolutionizing professional industrial lighting, improving visual perception and significantly reducing maintenance and lifecycle costs. Thanks to its nano-diffractive lens units (DO) and the modular interconnectors, the luminaire’s light distribution and intensity can be modified.

• Individual 4-channel controller
• Unique highly efficient cooling system


Floodlight, Titanium FL
Industry lighting arenas, stadium and construction

Reliable high performance floodlight floodlights for illumination of large site work, industries, outdoor lighting stalls and area lighting with wide light image and stylish lighting pattern. Powerful lamp housing that can withstand tough use.

• Wide angel
• Unique light pattern

Road lighting by Meltron

Pylon Light - PYL 300W
Special Optics

Pylon light

• Adapted to high intallations
• Beam angle adjustable from 5° to 120°

Meltron PL fixture

Linear LED lighting Model PL
Smart lighting systems

Our modular linear LED lighting for properties is a technologically most advanced lighting solution, with a number of different features, and in lengths up to 3 meters. It provides a very high luminous flux with a very low energy consumption. The luminaires are virtually maintenance-free.

• Cost-efficient
• Motion sensors


Meltron stable lighting

Linear luminaire Milky Way
LED luminaire with special diods

Revolutionary lighting for stables, animal shelters and meat production with special LEDs that enhance animal welfare and lower animal melatonin for increased production and growth.

• Raises well-being
• Lowers melatonin

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