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Meltron Highbay Lighting System (MHB)

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The Highbay luminaire’s light distribution can be modified to optimize the lighting for virtually any ceiling height and light intensity requirements.

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Product specifications

Meltron highbay Stealth
The Meltron Highbay Lighting System (MHB) revolutionizes professional industrial lighting and significantly reduces maintenance and lifecycle costs.

Diffractive light optics
With its diffractive light optics (DO),
interconnected light units and individual 4-channel control, the luminaire’s light distribution can be modified to achieve optimal lighting for virtually any combination of ceiling height and light intensity requirements.

Modern design and extremely well cooled
The luminaires are made of aluminium, making them light, robust, and, most importantly, extremely heat conductive.

IP rating IP65 to IP68
Meltron's own 4-channel drive is located at a distance from the LEDs (normally in an easily accessible space) which increases the life of the LEDs and makes it easy to replace. The drive, as well as the lens units and all electrical connections, have an IP rating of IP65 to IP68.

Superior ambient temperature tolerance
Each light unit and driver has valve openings as protection against condensation and excess pressure on bonded joints and gaskets, which makes the solution suitablefor installation in hot and cold premises alike.

Long life and operational reliability
The LEDS are powered with a conservative drive current, which in combination with our advanced thermal technology allows the luminaire to be lit for longer periods with less load on the LEDs which leads to a longer lifespan.

Energy savings
JCompared with a typical 40 percent oversize?? to meet the lighting requirements for 15 years, MRS requires only 5-15 percent.
This leads to significant savings in investment costs and operating expenses. At standard room temperatures and nominal currents, LEDs are projected to suffer less than 5 percent lumen depreciation after 100,000 hours.

Lighting control system
The driver is PWM dimmable, which makes it easy to integrate into any lighting control system via external converters.

• Light source:All Meltron lighting systems use LED components of the highest quality from the most renowned global manufacturers

• Color temperature: 4000 K. Avalible range 2700 - 6500 K

• Light distribution: Dynamic light distribution with narrow and wide nano-optical diffractive lenses

• Dimensions: Standard model 780 x 410 x 70 mm. Dimensions vary depending on the configuration

• Weight: Standard unit ~ 8,5 kg.

• Power: 220-240 VAC, 50 / 60Hz (110-120 VAC avalible)

• Operation temparature: -40 ° C - + 60 ° C *

• Ingress protection rating:IP65 for driver and IP67 for light modules and main unit connections

• Power: 160W for standard modells, up to 320W for double models

• Power factor:0,99 vid 230 VAC = 160 W

• Luminous flux: Up to 32.000 lumen for standard modells, 64.000 lumen for double units

• Luminous efficiency: 160 lm/W

• Warranty: 7 år (extension negotiable)

• Designed life: At least 15 years (LED > 100.000 hours)

Melton’s highbay is made of aluminium, and has a very efficient cooling system. It is exremely reliable and can be mounted in modules.

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