Sealed LED luminaire best performance in demanding environments

Meltron’s IP67 rated "Property Lighting System" (PLS)
is specifically designed for installation in demanding environments.

LED tubes and fixtures

Sealed LED luminaire for industrial application, where chemicals, dust, dirt, water and corrosive substances are present.

Light tube LED fixture

Product description

Meltron’s MPLS luminaire
Meltron IP67 Seals Property Lighting System (PLS) is specifically designed for lighting harsh environments where chemicals, dust, dirt, water and corrosive substances are present.

Innovative controllable systems
Available with PWM, DALI, wireless control etc.

Based on Meltron’s ATEX Lighting System (MEX)
the PLS luminaire its components have been tested in temperatures and humidities up to 115°C and RH 90%.

The PLS luminaires are available in two versions, Light and Pro.
The Pro version are equipped with Meltron’s own driver unit with market-leading efficiency, power factors up to 1.00 and very low EMS and harmonic distortion levels. The Pro versions are also PWM dimmable down to 1% light levels.

• Light source: All Meltron lighting systems use LED components of the highest quality from the most renowned global manufacturers

• Color temperature: 3000K / 4000K / 5000K
 (other colour temperatures made on order)

• Light distribution: Symmetric / clear, Lambert / opal

• Operating voltage: 220-240 VAC, 50 / 60Hz

• Initial current : 5-8A

• Outer casing: Polycarbonate (PC) coating options for increased chemical resistance avalible

• Ingress protectionIP67

• Impact protection: IK10

• UV-resistant: Yes

• High-pressure cleaning: Yes

• Control: PWM, Dali, wireless controll etc.

• Installation: Easy, adjustable distance, daisy chain option available

• Estimated life: 100.000 timmar (Tamp = 40°C)

• Warranty: 7 years (extension avalible)

Suitable to be mounted directly on any surface. Robust luminaire with easy maintenance. Optimal installation height 2-5m

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