Value for investment

Under normal lighting conditions and with our diods the designed life is estimated to more than 75,000 hours. With a seven-year warranty, significant savings can be achieved over the lifetime of our luminaires.


Meltron's staff has over four decades of international experience in interdisciplinary technology and industrial research and development.


Significant reductions in carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved by switching to Meltron's LED luminaires.


Meltron’s LED lighting contain no toxic materials and do not emit ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation.

MTG-Meltron OY was founded in the 1980s and has constantly been involved in the development of lighting products of superior quality with the most advanced optics and choice of materials. The Meltron team's versatile interdisciplinary expertise in technology areas such as diffractive lens optics (DO) on nano-scale, thermodynamics integrated with conductive materials, industrial R&D and production processes, as well as electrical engineering forms the basis of our strong position in the LED industry. These assets have, in combination with interdisciplinary thinking and an exceptional ability to innovate, resulted in a successful development and launch of all of Meltron’s lighting products. Since its inception, Meltron has examined and developed its components and patented optics to meet the customers’ specific lighting requirements, taking energy savings, quality, long life and safety into account. Our unique modular lighting system has been developed as a result of our extensive experience in lighting design and manufacturing, together with our specialized competence in LED lighting technology. We use only top-quality components from the leading global suppliers. As a result, we are able to offer our customers excellent product functionality and the highest quality. Unlike fluorescent lamps and high-intensity HF technology, Meltron's LED luminaires do not contain any toxic substances (such as mercury) and they do not emit any ultraviolet (UV) or infrared (IR) radiation. In contrast to compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) Meltron's LED luminaires do not require a material safety data sheet (MSDS), and since they are fully recyclable, they do not become hazardous waste at end of life. Furthermore, they do not generate harmonics noise or electromagnetic interference (EMI). Green environment-friendly technology One of Meltron's primary objectives is to help its customers to reduce energy and environmental costs, as well as emissions, and at the same time, to achieve superior light conditions. Significant cost savings and reductions of carbon dioxide emissions can be achieved by switching to Meltron's LED luminaires.

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No hassle with maintenance
All Meltron LED luminaires are maintenance free. This means that your maintenance team does not have to waste valuable time and money on replacing lighting starters, glow starters, capacitors or ballasts, which frees up time and expertise that can be allocated to other tasks.

More than just "on or off"
There is more to efficient lighting of an area than just turning the light on or off. It is important to also be able to control the light intensity. Meltron offers Dali, KNX and PWM certified versions of its luminaires, thus ensuring that lighting is only switched on when needed and with light levels in the lux ranges required, as well as the option to include Meltron’s motion detection system “Eye”. This provides additional energy savings.

Built to last
We are only using components and materials of the highest quality to ensure the quality of our products. This results in our products having a life several times longer than regular fluorescent lighting. In addition, all of our luminaires are very shock-resistant and unsensitive to vibrations. Meltron luminaires are extremely tolerant to temperature fluctuations, and can operate efficiently from temperatures as low as -40°C up to +60°C. Hot summers and cold winters will not impact the efficiency of our luminaires.

Optics and thermodynamics
Meltron’s expertise in the fields of optics and thermodynamics ensures that the light is directed to where it is needed instead of being dispersed to surfaces that should not be illuminated. Optimal cooling furthermore maximizes the product life and makes it possible to use the most powerful and efficient light emitting diodes available. This also contributes to reduced operating costs for air conditioning systems, since significantly less heat is generated in comparison with conventional lighting.

Modular design
Within the framework of Meltron's unique modular design, we offer a range of sizes, surface finishing, color temperatures and light intensities for commercial and industrial applications. There is also a range of installation options, including wall, ceiling and pole mountsa as well astrack mounting.

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