Meltron designs, manufactures and sells LED lighting solutions which are based on interdisciplinary application of electronics, optics, thermodynamics and nano-structures. “More Than Just Light” translates into energy savings, superior light quality, product life-time savings, increased productivity, safety and wellbeing for all. Meltron provides high quality solutions for the most demanding environments in infrastructure, industry, logistics and agriculture.

Optics and quality

Meltron - 30 years experience in lighting, 20 years experience of R&D in LED technologies. Own patented lens optics and driver technology.

Energy efficiency

Our lighting reduces consumption and maintenance costs. Choosing a lighting system from Meltron is both finacially and environmentally sound.

Company Values

Passion for innovation
Commitment to customers
Continuous learning

Meltron supplies the best lighting solutions through cooperation with renowned international componentry suppliers. Our patented optics increases the performance of the lamps, reduces light losses and increases efficiency. Meltron tests and selects only LEDs of the best quality and grade from leading suppliers.


Our extensive experience of technological and industrial R&D within nano-scale optics, innovative materials and electronics design makes Meltron’s modular lighting stand out, with its unrivalled and highly advanced features.

With more than 30 years of cumulative experience within lighting, including 20 years of R&D in LED lighting, we are able to offer the very best lighting solutions.

The advantages of LED lighting

LED lighting is by far the superior lighting technology today. With regard to energy-efficiency, it trumps all previous technologies. The conventional incandescent lightbulbs are obsolete, and LED is superior to halogen lamps and energy-saving lamps such as compact fluorescent lamps (CFL). The design and efficiency of LED technology results in considerable energy savings and reduced maintenance requirements, and offers a significantly longer life than any other light source.

Even compared with other LED lightings, Meltron’s LED lamps stand out. With our patented optics, our technology and our high standards, our luminaires provide more than just light.

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