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More than just light

About Meltron

25+ years of global experience and leadership in interdisciplinary technologies of industrial R&D

 Meltron Oy was founded in the 1980’s, and throughout it’s history, has continuously strengthened it’s unique range of LED lighting products, which target the Oil and Gas, Chemical, Pharma, Agricultural, and Food Production industries.

The Meltron Team’s  expertise in the field of LED lighting form the roots of our line of business, including:

  • nano-scale Diffractive Optics (DO)
  • thermodynamics integrated with leading-edge materials
  • industrial R&D and production processes
  • electrical engineering

These assets, along with the ability to innovate, led to the successful development and launch, of all modular Meltron Lighting Systems.

 Meltron uses only the highest quality components from the leading global suppliers, along with our patented optics. We always strive to meet the specific lighting demands of our customers. We provide our customers with  energy savings, quality, long lifetime, and crucially, safety and security.

Green Environment Technology

One of Meltron’s main objectives is to help its customers reduce the energy and environmental costs associated with conventional lighting. Considerable reductions in CO2 output are achievable with Meltron’s LED luminaries.

Unlike fluorescent lighting and high intensity discharge (HID) technologies, Meltron’s LED luminaires contain no toxic materials, and they emit no ultraviolet (UV) rays or infrared (IR) radiation.

Value for Investment

Meltron’s products are 50-80% more energy efficient than conventional lighting. Our LEDs are rated at over + 100 000 hours. With a warranty of seven years, Meltron’s luminaires will produce considerable savings in energy and service costs. Meltron’s unique optics ensure that the light is directed precisely where it is needed.

All the above benefits mean that typical payback times are in the region of 3-5 years.

No maintenance worries

All Meltron’s LED luminaries are maintenance free. This means that your maintenance team won’t need to waste valuable time and expense on lamp or ballast replacement.

More than just “on” or “off”

Its not just a matter of on or off when lighting an area efficiently. It is important to  to fully control light output. Meltron offers Dali, KNX and PWM–controlled versions of its luminaries, to ensure that lighting is on only when needed, and at the lux levels required. Meltron’s optional “Eye” motion detection system reduces costs even further.

Built to last

We use only the highest quality components and materials to guarantee product quality.  This means that our products have an operational lifetime that far exceeds conventional lighting. Additionally, all our luminaries are highly impact resistant, and are free of the problems associated with vibration.

Meltron’s luminaries are extremely tolerant to temperature variations, and can operate effectively and efficiently  from -40°C to +50°C.

Optics and thermodynamics

Meltron’s expertise in the field of optics and thermodynamics ensures that light is not wasted by being directed where it is not needed. Additionally, optimal cooling maximizes lifetime, and allows the use of the most powerful and efficient LEDs. This also helps reduce the running costs of air conditioning systems, as the heat produced, compared to conventional lighting, is significantly reduced.

Modular Design

Meltron’s unique Modular design offers a wide range of sizes, finishes, colour temperatures, and light outputs. A wide selection of mounting options, including bracket or track mounting, makes installation very easy and fast.


which targets

Our Vision

Our vision is to protect people and property, through our unique lighting solutions, by improving visual perception, safety, and security, in the most demanding human environments.

More than just light means providing reliable and efficient lighting exactly where it is needed. Our products achieve this through our patented optics, and our considerable experience in the  research and Development of LED Lighting Technology.


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