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Cities & Municipalities

Meltron’s products for Cities & Municipalities enable lighting for safety and security. The MRS road lighting system with active lighting control provides energy-efficient lighting while providing unparalleled lighting with uniform light and no blackspots. Typical use cases are highways, roads and parkings. Meltron Pylon lights are perfect for larger parkings, airports, train depots and parks.

Products for Cities & Municipalities

Oil & Gas

The oil and gas sector comes with extreme requirements on the luminaries used. Meltron’s products were specifically designed with these demanding use cases in mind. The luminaries are installed in environments  with very harsh conditions, physical impacts, corrosive substances and explosive gases. Meltron provides sealed and ATEX rated products for customers in the energy sector, oil and gas and nuclear power plants.


Products for Oil & Gas
Variety of chemotherapy drugs in vials and an IV bottle.


The pharmaceutical sector provides some very challenging environments for luminaries with chemicals, dust, dirt, water, and corrosive substances present. Meltrons luminaries give superior light with very high luminous flux and uniformity. The very long lifespan of Meltron products provide an excellent business case.

Products for Pharmaceutical

Farming & Stables

Our solutions for the agricultural sector provides lighting that increases the well-being of livestock as well as increase the production. With optimised combination of LEDs, the animals melatonin levels are lowered during “daylighting” which stimulates production and growth.

Products for Farming and Stables
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Logistics & Industries

Good lighting is essential in any work environment but maybe even more important in the logistics and industrial segments with heavy machinery, big loads and around the clock operations. Meltron’s luminaries provides light that enables safe work environments.

Products for Logistics & Industries

Stadiums & Outdoors

Out door environments and especially stadiums and similar venues require special attention to the lighting to create uniformity across the whole area. For professional leagues the lighting must fulfil special requirements which can easily be achieved with the Meltron luminaires.

Products for Stadiums & Outdoors

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