Meltron signs break-through agreement in Oman

Meltron has now signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Government of Oman for the deliveries of luminaries for several projects and for eventually establishing an assembly facility in Oman for future deliveries.

In the first step, within the next few months, several Ministries or departments will issue purchase orders for several projects, totaling 2 MEUR or more. The projects will likely be lighting of roads, public spaces and/or sports arenas and Meltron has already developed and proposed many such projects. They can be delivered during the next 6-18 months and may initially come from Finland. In a second step, Meltron will establish the assembly facility in Oman, together with our local partner Capital Construction, CCCP. The Government of Oman actively seeks to attract and enable the establishment various support of training programs for local staff, initial labour cost reduction schemes, etc.

– The MoU has been signed during the current visit to Oman by the Minister of Commerce and Trade of Finland, HE Ville Skinnari, heading a Finnish business delegation, and has received positive attention and recognition during the visit, says Ville Sistonen, senior advisor to Meltron.

– Meltron has been active and locally represented in Oman since 2018 and presented many solutions and developed many projects with local governments and ministries. We have made several deliveries of demo and pilot plants and successfully demonstrated the quality and performance of our projects, says Göran Lundgren, CEO (acting) of Meltron. We believe our endurance is appreciated and will now focus to turn this into business.

Caption: Signing of the MoU under the supervision of HE Ville Skinnari of Finland and HE Qais bin Mohammed Al Yousef of Oman.


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