Meltron Pylon Lighting System

Area lighting for outdoor arenas, stadiums, high industrial facilities and logistics centers.

Why Meltron Pylon Lighting System

Meltron Pylon lighting System (MPY) is the most advanced solution for outdoor area lighting, industrial, and logistics properties with high ceilings Indoors

Luminaires are optimised for use in high spaces, for mounting heights of 10-20 metres or more. Meltron offers a wide selection of beam angles, from 35 to 120 degrees, allowing effective illumination of small or large areas


High Mast lighting for pole heights of 40-50M. Variable beam angles for wide light distribution to illuminate large areas, while minimizing the number of fixtures needed, provides an evenly distributed light pattern between masts with no variation in light distribution, and no bright or dark spots, thanks to optimized optics.
The Meltron Pylon Lighting System luminary modules and separate connection devices require very little maintenance, thus creating an extremely efficient and cost-effective area lighting system with low life-cycle costs.




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