Meltron Downlight MDL

Efficient & attractive illumination for your environment.


The Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is in a class of its own, for highlighting details of an illuminated space. It also produces a considerable amount of light for very little energy consumption.

This stylish downlight is available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours. It is perfect for all locations where lighting can be embedded in a ceiling, wall, or floor. A special spring design ensures that it attaches easily and securely into the hole cut into the desired location.

The Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is available in both circular and square bezel shapes. They are ideal for general lighting, as well as individual target illumination. They illuminate art and interior details, while several luminaires together, create a beautiful, smooth overall atmosphere.

The downlight is extremely low- maintenance, as the light source is rated at more than 75,000 hours. If the Meltron LED Recessed Downlight is left on for an average of 8 hours per day, the LED light-source will not need to be changed for over 25 years.