The Meltron Road & Street Lighting System provides safety for drivers and pedestrians on roadways. A strong, lightweight design, with advanced optics provides bright, uniform, and efficient lighting with fewer units. The luminaire has only 16 high-power LEDs in total, and the ability to adapt to changing weather conditions.

The MRS is optimized and integrated solution based on ground-up thinking, literally. We started with the viewpoint of the driver and calculated the optimal light distribution for maximum visibility and road lighting performance. Meltron’s approach and advanced optics also allow for fewer lights to evenly cover the same lengths of road.


MRS_Coverage_webThe Meltron Road & Street Lighting System luminarie and it’s specialised and patented Diffractive Nano-Optics (DO) are the key to the excellent lighting flexibility and coverage. Our DO nano-optics are highly advanced. Manufacturing tolerances of traditional lens solutions are 1000 times less accurate than Meltron’s patented nano optics.

By utilizing extremely precise and unique Diffractive Optics (DO) nano-­structures, MRS provides excellent lighting flexibility and superior lighting quality while reducing overall costs, and significantly improving the reliability, energy efficiency, and lifetime of road and street lighting.

Lightweight and strong

MRS has an extremely rigid enclosure for high wind speeds. The extruded aluminium body, with a carefully selected emitting surface, provides optimised thermal management for significantly improved LED lifetime.


MRS_weatherconditionsSmart control-ready, MRS can adapt to real time conditions, with 4 individually controlled light source units per luminaire, thus providing the best illumination parameters and energy usage at all times.

MRS can be used with varying pole lengths and distances, due to 4 individually controlled light source units. On new installations, the amount of poles can be minimised, and on retro-fit projects, the luminous distribution can be optimised into the existing pole geometry.

MRS allows extended pole distances, shorter poles, and reduced energy usage, compared to traditional street lights, due to the superior quality of MRS´ accurate and dynamic luminous distribution.

Easy Maintenance

MRS offers a durable and lightweight aluminium enclosure, screwless construction, and easily replaceable light source units. All electronics, except the LEDs, are placed down inside the pole for easy, rapid and cost effective driver and control unit installation, and maintenance. The light source units are pressure-washable.

Cost Savings

Energy and operation cost savings are gained due to advanced technologies in many vital areas:

  • Optics
  • Cooling
  • Driving
  • Mechanics
  • System simplicity
  • Minimal Components
  • Long pole distances from short poles