Poultry Farm, Seinäjoki

"Meltron's LED Lighting fixtures have reduced energy consumption by 80%"

Extremely cost-efficient.



38 pcs of Meltron 42W LED lighting fixtures replaced 150 conventional 60W incandescent luminaries.
Maximum overall lighting levels have risen from 40 Lux to over 100 Lux, and energy consumption has been reduced by over 80%. When the lights are dimmed to around 20 Lux, energy savings are as high as 90%, compared to the old incandescent luminaires. The before (photo on left) and after images speak for themselves.

Costly and time consuming maintenance tasks, such as bulb replacements, are now history. The birds thrive in the more natural light produced by Meltrons’ IP67 LED lighting, and thus, behavioral patterns are much improved. Lighting levels can be set at 100% to make the cleaning process easier.