Lighting for livestock buildings

Our LED luminaire for livestock buildings creates a better environment for the animals.

stable lighting

The optimized combination of LEDs lowers the animals’ melatonin levels during ‘day lighting’, increases their well-being and simultaneously stimulates production, as well as growth


Product description

Periods of operation and wavelengths.
With the proper wavelengths and customized periods of operation, the light will impact the animals in a natural way: melatonin levels drop, prolactin and growth hormones are produced, and both milk production and growth are positively affected, which improves the animals’ health. Operating costs. Compared to the same amount of fluorescent lighting, operating costs can be reduced by approximately 60 percent. The lifespan of the luminaire is typically extended by a factor of 5.

IP rating and certification
IP65 rated and CE and D marked.

Estimated operating life
Theoretical lifespan is 50,000 operating hours. With 30 percent dimming, the lifespan increases by 100 percent. With our dimming and control system, the quality of light will normally be sustained for 12-15 years.

Light source: All Meltron luminaire use high-quality components from well-known suppliers.

Color temperature:• Color temperature

Light distribution:An opaque lens provides a soft light without glare, which may affectanimals or workers.

Lenght: 1200 or 600 mm

Weight: 1,5 kg or 0,8 kg

Operation temperature: -40°C – +40 °C*

Intress prortection rating: IP65

Poer: 65W/33W

Warranty: 3-5 years

Design life: 15 år, day- and night lighting.

Meltron’s stable lighting is suspended with pre-manufactured cables on wire, uniformly distributed over the stable to provide the animals with even light distribution. The light is controlled from the central control unit by adjusting the voltage. No cabling is required for individual lighting control.

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